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What are the Essential Parts of Every Research Paper?

Main Pieces of the Research Paper

While the beginning and end are the most important part of any paper, they cannot stand-alone and be considered complete. They work in conjunction with many other valuable parts. None of these can stand alone without the others. Since you will write these papers when in school, it is necessary to know the important parts. If you want to know more about paper structure, visit our site, where you could also buy college research papers for affordable rates.

The Introduction

This is the first paragraph which will include the background details, the thesis statement, and the hook, often known as the attention getter. You must begin the paper perfectly, so that you make a first good impression with your composition.

Main body parts

As mentioned above, these paragraphs would be mentioned in the thesis statement. You can have a paragraph per a main point or have more if you wish. So, if the statement says, Finches are gentle, entertaining, and easy to take care of as pets. The three main body parts are gentle, entertaining, and easy to take care of as pets. These paragraphs are the majority part of your paper. They should be longer than the other parts. This is where you prove your points.

The Thesis statement

This is one sentence or two to three sentences, which will let the reader know what the paper is about and what you are trying to prove. It should have main ideas in it, which will help to give the tags for the main body paragraphs. A sample thesis statement might be, Jay Gatsby is a flawed character that is depicted through details, actions, and dialogue in The Great Gatsby. Then the main body paragraphs would be on details, actions, and dialogue. Those would probably be paragraphs two, three, and four, although they may be longer than just one paragraph with advanced and mature writers.

End Your Paper Strong

apply good ideas for a conclusion

The conclusion

You should finish your paper strongly, so that the reader is left thinking about your topic for along time. In this last paragraph or paragraphs, you will re-state your thesis statement in different words. It will still have the three main points you mentioned in the introduction. It will also closet he paper with a few universal ideas, and then a universal statement. It could be something as simple, as People could aspire to be much like the Finch, gentle, entertaining, and easy to take care of in life.

Intext citations

Every single time that you mention someone else’s words, details, or information in your piece, you have to give some credit. This credit is called an intext citation. It will come directly after the source you just gave. The way you write it is different for each style, such s MLA or APA. You will want to have a guide to use as you write in order to do it correctly. If you do not cite every time you use someone else’s sources, you get be caught for plagiarizing.

The Works cited

Or a bibliography page - You will have one of these, but not both of these. There is a very specific format depending upon which style your paper is such as Chicago. You can use an app or template in order to create this document. The Works Cited lists only the items that you used. The bibliography page has all the items you looked at even if you did not use the source.