Easy hints on how to cite sources for research paper properly

Citation has got a reputation of being one of the trickier aspects of academic papers. You may use quite a few methods for citation depending on the format in which you are writing. However, something seems to be missing every time you look to cite a paper properly. Let us try and find out what is that which needs to be understood in the context. Here are a few things that will help you with citations irrespective of the format you are following.

Start with some calculation

This is the first thing you need to do before citations: look at the length of the paper you have composed or are about to compose. Then, calculate the number of books that should ideally suffice for the information contained in the paper.

Take time out for accreditation

Do not be in a rush when dealing with the citation part of the research paper. You will have to necessarily take out time for the job. Make sure that each author/book you quote has some sort of intellectual proper registration.

Stick to the format rules only

Different formats like the APA, Harvard, MLA and Chicago formats have different rules for citations. The rules also vary depending on whether you are citing books, webpages, journals or interviews.

Tip: Avoid citing interviews. Data from interviews are considered non-recoverable.

Do not italicize unnecessarily

There are some rules for italicizing names of books in citations for some formats. But you should not make this common to all research papers. Look into the rules very closely before you italicize the titles of books.

Always include subtitles

Please remember the names of the titles of books also include the subtitles. All names are considered incomplete without the inclusion of subtitles as well.

Quote the year of publication accurately

There are several cases where the year of writing differs from the year of publication of the book. You should carefully mention the year of publication, even if it is different from the year of writing. This is the year when the book was made available to readers.