Writing Secrets: Learn How To Format A Research Paper In MLA Format

Every student must learn the proper method on how to compose a research paper in the MLA style of formatting. They will receive an assignment from their teacher at some point and it pays to be ready. There are a couple of things that you have to bear in mind and they are listed below. However, the central idea is to remain consistent, complete and thorough at all times. MLA formatting is ideally done once you complete your paper, so that no aspect is left incomplete.

How to avoid plagiarism in MLA format paper?

You have to avoid plagiarism in your work and there are various ways of doing this. Plagiarism occurs when you use the work of someone else and claim it as your own. Sometimes, plagiarism can happen by accident and so you should be very careful. Citing sources is an effective method to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism. Once you have successfully finished writing the whole paper and have cited all your sources, you have to begin creating the works cited page. If you follow the right format to cite sources and then the works cited section of your paper, you will not have any trouble dealing with plagiarism.

Cite the correct sources

When you write your paper in the MLA style of formatting, then you have to use the in line citation format. This means that every time you decide to cite a source, either through paraphrasing or by using a direct quote, you need to include an in line citation within your text. This is comprised mainly of the last name of the author along with the corresponding page number, and the whole citation needs to be written within brackets.

What to include in the Works Cited section?

This happens to be the last page of your research paper, and here you need to list all of the websites, articles, books, magazines, journals, articles that you have used to accumulate content pertaining to your paper. You have to keep the formatting in mind.

Style Guide

  • It is important to ensure that your spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.
  • It is ideal for your thesis to remain organized at all costs and make sense.
  • You should never write in the first person for an MLA style paper. Always make use of the third person.
  • No sentence must begin with “And”, “However”, and “Because”