Quoting a Website in a Research Paper: 8 Essential Points to Remember

In order to craft a strong and top quality research paper, writers usually use quotations. However, one has to know the correct format he or she wants to use. For those who need aid in quoting a website in a research paper, the following 8 essential points can be used.

  • Know the websites you want to quote
    Before you can think of quoting free research paper download sites, it is important to list them down. These websites should be reliable with regards to the information you are putting down. This includes a list of URL’s for each website. They should be correctly written such that when clicked, the reader should get to the appropriate site.
  • Gather information
    As you think about citing a given website, you should get appropriate information. This requires you to go to the library and use the computers to search for reliable information regarding a given website. Apart from the URL, you also need to know the website’s name, the title of the article and the date of publication.
  • Know the format to use
    It is essential to read all instructions provided by your lecturer. Included in this is the specific format that your lecturer wants you to employ in your writing. You need to know whether you are using MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago among others. Each of these citation systems has its own way in which the best free research paper download websites can be quoted.
  • Identify part of text in which you want to make the quotation
    A website can be quoted anywhere in the text. However, in most times, it is quoted in the last sentence of the text. You therefore need to identify the various paragraphs in which you want to quote. The information contained in that part of the text should be in line with the website content.
  • Include the website in the work cited page
    Anything that serves as a reference material must be cited in a specific page at the end of the research paper. Therefore, you have to include the website on this page and number it appropriately. The way you note it down will depend on the writing format you are using.
  • Place the website in bracket
    In order to separate it from the rest of the words in the text, you have to put the website within a bracket. This will make the reader’s work easier because there will no confusion as everything will be clear. After the closing bracket, you should put a full stop if the quotation is at the end of a sentence. However, for websites that are quoted within sentences, a period is not used.
  • Using the block quotes
    Block quotes are used to quote websites within a sentence without necessarily using dropped quotes. Here, a colon mark is normally used before the quote. This directly quotes a site from which the prior information is taken from. Clarity should be made between the writer’s own words and the website name.
  • Know where to place commas and full stops
    A comma and a full stop are two major quotation marks that are used. A comma should come before the website is quoted while a period comes after. Therefore, make sure you do not mix up these two as you may bring confusion to your readers.