Compose a strong research paper on KKK: little-known facts to study about

The KKK is a dark chapter in the history of America and this topic is hardly touched upon when writing research papers by students due to its racial connotations. However, in the current social climate, this subject is more than relevant and the KKK presents an interesting shift in the moral fabric of America. Creating a strong research paper on a subject as sensitive as the KKK requires a bit of subtlety, yet your personal opinions should be reflected in the paper.

  • Digging into the background
    You have to gather enough content to ensure that whatever your position on the subject is, you have sufficient amount of evidence to back up your claim. You can dig into the history of the KKK and explain how they are apparently the ghosts of Confederate soldiers, the ones who lost the Civil War. Do not rely on hearsay but cite your facts and sources.
  • Touching upon the ethical factor
    The KKK were said to hang blacks out of a misguided sense of retribution. They bombed black churches, killed people during the wee hours of the night, and burned crosses on lawns. Use strong language to express your displeasure at their actions. However, you must still maintain an objective stance and not let your emotions dictate the direction of your paper.
  • Exploring the key personalities
    • The first Klan was said to have been founded in the year 1865 in Tennessee. There were close to 550,000 total members in the group and one of the most important members in the second clan was a Civil War veteran by the name of Nathan Bedford Forest.
    • Try to explore the reasons that drove these “patriotic” men to resort to such vile actions.
    • You will find loads of content on the Internet and in textual resources regarding the subject and this will be interesting enough to hold the attention of your readers.
    • Attempt to learn about their motivations and the main driving force behind their heinous actions.
  • Understanding the goals
    The main goal of the KKK was reactionary in nature; they wanted to suppress the blacks once they had lost the rights to slavery at the time of the Civil War. You can explore the reasons why this sort of mentality was prevalent during the time, and how it slowly underwent changes over the years.

The KKK is a topic that is often termed as “reactionary”, and so you should refrain from including any kind of volatile statements in your paper. Once you include the ideas, your direction and structure will become clear and you will be able to compose an effective paper.